“Women en Blanc” first Anniversary Brunch: An Electrifying Event

June 24th, 2018 She is Visionary held their first “Women en Blanc” Anniversary brunch. This momentous occasion took place at the New Albany Golf Course, Ohio. The food was delicious, the women were stunning in their all-white ensembles, the music was energetic and the vibe was one of positivity and love.

Everything about the event was phenomenal, from the setting underneath the gorgeous white tent of the New Albany Links golf course to the aesthetics of the décor to the delicious delicacies on display to the entrepreneurs and participants networking.

The “Women en Blanc” Anniversary brunch was hosted by the founder of She is Visionary, Adrienne Ruff. Together with the panelists, keynote speaker, and the moderator, these powerful women all contributed to making the event the enormous success that it was. The topic for the brunch was Purpose, Passion, and Vision.

Jordyn Dunlap founder of iLive Movement, Gabrielle Deculus founder of Business Rules for Women, and LaShawn Reed-Kendricks founder of Success Her Way were the panelists for the afternoon. The moderator was the founder of Progressive Achievers Joi Stanley, and the keynote speaker was Lucinda Cross founder of Activate Worldwide. While every one of them shined on the stage, the real powerhouse was Lucinda Cross proving to everyone that she was indeed the right choice for keynote speaker.

The anniversary brunch was put together for women who have set out to achieve/awaken a vision and it turned out to be a completely groundbreaking event. They say the hallmark of an excellent vision is one that’ll be of benefit to others. Adrienne Ruff, through "She is Visionary" is developing a vision that truly follows that saying. If you weren’t able to make it to the anniversary brunch, sad to say you missed out on quite a lot. But don’t worry, you can catch up and awaken your own vision at the next ‘She is Visionary’ event.